Multi Pass Key Raw Demo


We make it easy for people to securely identify themselves to systems without needing login names & passwords.

No user registration, no email or phone number verification, no picking of complex & hard passwords.

No remembering of a password, no forgotten, hacked, stolen, phished or resetting passwords.

We make it easy for users to keep coming back to sites and we prevent businesses from losing customers & sales due to the user sign & login wall

Demo Explanation

In the (1)App Setup, I'll register the app and create 2 account profiles.

Real profile for professional sites and Internet Persona for semi-anonymous sites
In the (2)Signing up demo, we are going to signup quickly to 3 sites on the desktop without installing any software on the desktop without filling out any form.
We will use our Real profile for
We will use our Internet persona profile for
We will go completely anonymous for because mom said we shouldn't talk to strangers.
In the (3)Login on mobile demo, we are going to login to these sites using our mobile phone.
Granting access to & and denying access to

In the (4)Desktop demo, we can demonstrate secure login over the desktop. No username and no password yet again. Please notice that the names match up to the respective sites

(1) Application Setup (2 profiles)

(2) Signing up to sites Demo

(3) Login on Mobile Demo

(4) Login on any Desktop Demo

Please use the Play/Pause button to play the video of mobile & desktop in sync